17th – 27th March

Schedule The schedule was set for the team by our team leader who allocated each person role and the deadline for that role. We went through this together via Skype and I was relatively pleased with the outcome, but at the same time worried as I was learning the skills and techniques in Maya, and […]

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12th April

The schedule was being followed. And was set up by Ellie. I had to wait for Ellie to finishing rigging, and modeling the animals in Maya before I could animate them. I was ready to animate the week before we went on Easter break, but Ellie was away on holiday. By the time she was […]

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Under Construction Show

14th March came into paint and help set up the interim show. Spoke to Ellie about the utensils for the leaves to paint on the wall. A large TV arrived for our section, which we didn’t expect would be around 60 inches. Went off to buy equipment to paint. Designed concept images of utensils with […]

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6th-9th March

6th March Had a Skype call meeting with the team to discuss the title for the project (The Grove) and made alterations to the presentation. 7th March 11 am group tutorial with sushi in which she came late so was unable to make it. I was unwell, but still attended for the 12:15 presentation and […]

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27th February – 4th March

February 27th Checked the Facebook group page as there was an updated post from Ellie, about a group tutorial for 11:45 am February 28th However, our group couldn’t make it for the 11:45 am, so we postponed the time. 1st March Interim Show Preparation meeting at 2:30 pm. I Was unable to attend the meeting […]

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Febuary 14th

February 14th Approximately this day before our group crib, I was originally positioned as the co-producer/director, until Ellie and Molly, spoke to me to change my role in the group as they were the ones who came up with the idea for the project, prior to me coming. And believed the role would be demanding […]

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